Weekly Round-Up! #42

Oh my god you guys, I finally read a non-manga book last week. It was under 50 pages so still not that long, but I did it! Also work was crazy so I didn’t have much reading time because I would go home, eat, and immediately go to bed most days. But I did manage to read a few. And here they are!

Fox 8

The first book that I read last week was Fox 8 by George Saunders. This short book (I mean really short – it’s under 50 pages) is about Fox 8, who has learned how to understand “Yuman” by listening to bedtime stories outside of a window. As he tries to help his pack by reading signs and hunting for food, it becomes clear that maybe the “yumans” aren’t as friendly as he first thought.

I really enjoyed reading this short book last week. It was entertaining but it also had an underlying message about how humans are tearing down forests and taking away the habitats of wild animals. There is also one particular scene involving animal cruelty that is very graphic so just a warning about that if you are sensitive to those kinds of scenes.

No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog

I think it’s kind of obvious why I read No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog by Mararet Mason. This book had maybe ten good ideas and the rest were just not helpful. But since it was published back in 2006 I know why most of the ideas were outdated.

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Whisper Me a Love Song

I didn’t abandon all my manga last week though. I read a few and one of my favorites was Whisper Me a Love Song by Eku Takeshima. This manga centers around high schooler Himari, who sees her senpai, Yori, play in a band on the first day of school and immediately falls in love with her. Himari confesses her love to Yori who surprisingly confesses as well! It’s soon pretty apparent though that the two girls have a vast difference on what love means.

This was so cuteeeeeeee! I loved the whole thing. The girls are very adorable and all the characters are great (so far). The first volume was very fluffy and cute but I’m curious so see where it goes. After reading a lot of GL and yuri manga, it kind of gets formulaic after awhile. So I’m hoping that this manga will surprise me and go in a different direction. Honestly, even if it’s just a regular yuri manga, I’ll probably still read it. I like it that much that I’ll continue.

Ossan Idol! Vol. 2

One of the other manga that I read last week and really enjoyed was Ossan Idol! volume 2 by Mochiko Mochida. This series is about three older guys who form a idol group. You’ve got Miroku (age 36) who gets popular after he uploads a video of him singing a popular song. Two of his friends, Yoichi (age 40)  and Shiju (age 40), agree to compete in a competition with him. Their popularity quickly rises and they decide to become an idol group. Now they have to write their own song lyrics, learn to perform, and do a weekly radio show. In this volume we see the guys write their first song and have their debut!

I really love this series. I can’t wait to see where the boys go and if being famous goes to their heads or not. So far it’s been really sweet and I’ve loved reading about all the characters and seeing how they grow. I’m really excited to read volume three!

That is it for this week! Did you guys have a good week? Other than work being crazy I got my first Covid vaccination shot on Friday! I was so excited to get it but also a little nervous. I haven’t had a vaccine shot since I was a baby! I did sleep most of the day Saturday and my arm was pretty sore but other than that it was ok. I’ve been hearing that the second shot is the real doozy. I get my second shot towards the end of the month so I will definitely update you guys after I get it. I hope you all had a good week!


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