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Weekly Round-Up! #44

This week was really busy so I didn’t get much reading done. I came back from visiting my mom and dad and it’s been so busy since then! We’re short handed at work (but thankfully a new person started last week, yayyyyy) and then it was my fiancĂ©’s birthday on Tuesday. Wednesday was ice cream … Continue reading Weekly Round-Up! #44

April Round Up!

April was a busy month for me. I got both of my Covid shots! The second one was horrible and I was in bed for two days afterwards. I had a fever, body aches, chills, headache, and my chest hurt. The next day was a lot better, I was just tired most of the day. … Continue reading April Round Up!

Weekly Round-Up! #43

This wee was a little hectic. We’re even more short staffed at work now so when I come home it’s pretty much eat. shower, and then go to bed. But I did manage to read a few books. Here we go! The first book that I read was Timo the Adventurer by Jonathan Garnier. This … Continue reading Weekly Round-Up! #43

Weekly Round-Up! #42

Oh my god you guys, I finally read a non-manga book last week. It was under 50 pages so still not that long, but I did it! Also work was crazy so I didn’t have much reading time because I would go home, eat, and immediately go to bed most days. But I did manage … Continue reading Weekly Round-Up! #42


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