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February Round-Up!

This month flew by! I read as much as I could but I had some really fun events this month so I didn’t read as much as I normally would have. I had my bff’s baby shower which was so much fun! We played a really gross baby food game which was hilarious. We also…

January Round-Up!

I didn’t get much reading done in January. I started two new college classes, English comp 2 and Entrepreneurship, and there is a lot of reading and writing in both of these classes. So I’ve mostly been reading textbooks and short stories. I also had a family emergency so I was at the hospital for…

2022 Books in Review!

As of writing this post, I have read 518 books this year. These are my top 20 favorite books and my top 5 worst books that I read this year. These are in no particular order. Since there are so many books in this post, I will try to be brief with my reviews. With…

October & November Round-Up!

October was a really great reading month for me. I had a bunch of ARCs that I needed to get through – which I did – and I also had a bunch of library books that I am working my way through. I got to read some great spooky books since it was October and…


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