Weekly Round Up! #39 & #40

Welcome to another week of Jill-can-only-read-manga-and-nothing-else! If you guessed that all I read again this week was manga then you win a prize (The prize is an air high-five from me)! Now onto the books!


(Also I forgot to upload this last week so that’s why there are two weeks worth of books in here. I have horrible time management skills.)

Fire Force volumes 5 & 6

So I read Fire Force volume 7 last week and realized that I had somehow skipped volumes 5 & 6?? I don’t know how I did that but I went back and read them this week so now I’m caught up to the story. In volume 5 we learn that Shinra’s brother is still alive but he may be working for the enemy! We also got to learn the origin’s of Company 8 which was really cool. I loved getting the back story on Company 8 and seeing how the characters came together. Volume 6 was so good!! The crew from Company 8 go to visit Company 7 to try and recruit them to their side but the White Hoods set a trap and Company 8 will have to convince Company 7 that they aren’t creating artificial infernals while the whole town is fighting each other! Volume 7 makes a lot more sense now that I’ve caught up. I was reading it and was like I think I missed something…

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Children of the Whales

I love Children of the Whale but I fell like sometimes there is almost to much going on? There are a lot of characters and it’s sometimes hard to keep track of who’s who and what’s going on. In this volume though we see the boarding party make it onto the battleship Skyros but then they run into some problems. I’m not going to tell you who, but a few people die in this volume so just be prepared for that going in. Overall, this volume was pretty good, just a tad bit confusing. If you’ve forgotten what was going on (like I did) the Goodreads description for the previous volume always jogs my memory.

Demon Prince of Momochi House

I can’t believe that we’re on volume 13 already! Sadly the library doesn’t have volume 14 but I ordered it ๐Ÿ˜€ I couldn’t wait.

SPOILERS FOR VOLUMES 13 & 14!!! In this volume Kasha shows up (for some reason) and SHOOTS Himari forcing her out of her body. Then she’s got to figure out a way to get back in her body but of course something happens to make the process even harder than it needs to be. This was a really great volume and I can’t wait to read the next one to find out what happens!!

Volume 14 got here last week! And I read it first out of the STACK of manga that I ordered. I had to know what was happening after that cliffhanger in volume 13. So in the last volume we saw Aoi get kidnapped by Kasha and taken to the spiritual relm. Of course Himari goes right after him along with a few of the shikigami to help. A lot of fighting happened but! we got a lot of background on Aoi AND Nue which was so great. We’re finally getting a peak behind the curtain that is Aoi.

I do often get confused by this series just because there are SO MANY characters. I felt especially confused at the very end of this one but I reread it a little slower and got everything on the second try. This is one series that you have to fully pay attention to or you’ll miss something important.

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Sticky Dilly Buns

This book is about Amber, a ex-porn star trying to become a mainstream actress, her roommate Dillion, Amber’s best friend who is also an actor, and Amber’s stick-in-the-mud sister, Ruby. Ruby is looking for a job and is staying with Amber and Dillion in the meantime. She knows what Amber does but seems oblivious to what Dillion does for a living. This leads to Ruby getting an eye-full of Dillion and one of his partners. Hijinks ensue.

There’s a lot going on in this one but I really loved it. It did take me awhile to finish it though but I think that’s because of the way it’s set up. It originally was a webcomic and you can see where each page was almost like a comic strip in the newspaper. That didn’t distract from the story though. I loved all the characters – Amber, Ruby, and Dillion were my favorites (they are the main characters so that makes sense). There was also a lot of LGBT+ rep in this book. We have gay characters, bi characters, and intersex characters. There wasn’t a lot of POC though which was a let down.

SLIGHT SPOILERS HERE: To me the funniest part was when Ruby figures out that she’s a fujoshi. I love that she started a club and everything; it was fantastic.



WE FINALLY KNOW WHO KILLED TEM!!!! Volume 9 was fantastic, I read it in one sitting. We learned so much!! Volume 10 was amazing too. We finally learn more about Legoshi’s family! I loved his grandpa. Did not see it coming that he was a komodo dragon though! I’m excited to see what happens in the next volume when Legoshi and Riz finally duke it out. I hope Legoishi wins so that he can avenge Tem’s death but that bear is way bigger than him so I’m assuming if he does win, it’ll be a bloody fight. It was also nice to get a little bit of back story on Gohn, the giant panda. I was so glad that Tao the puma and Kibi the anteater got to talk and attempt forgiveness. It was so cute when Kibi held his finger. Adorable.

Like I said, can’t wait for the next volume to see what’s going to happen! Legoshi better not die.

Girl Got Game

Next up we’ve got Girl Got Game volume 1 by Shizuru Seino. My friend/coworker lent me the first book in this series to try it out and see if I like and it was really cute! I love the girl-dresses-as-boy-for-reasons trope. And this one lived up to the trope so well! So this series is about Kyo who plays basketball. She’s excited to go to high school because the uniform is cute and she can’t wait to wear it. While she’s packing her stuff to go to school she opens the uniform and it’s a boy’s uniform?? Her dad then informs her that he forged her paperwork and told the school she is a boy so she could play on the basketball team! She’s obviously not to thrilled at this change in plans. But it’s to late to change anything now (I always feel like at this point in any of these girl-dress-as-boy manga that they could literally call the school at anytime and be like, whoops, we made a mistake and the school would fix it?? It doesn’t seem that hard to fix…). So she goes and meets all the other basketball players and of course there’s the douchy don’t-get-in-my-way player that we all know she’s going to fall for. But in this case she also ends up rooming with his which leads to some funny moments. Overall, this was a good first volume and I feel like there’s a lot to build on in the rest of the series. I will definitely be checking out the rest so look forward to that review later!


The next manga that I read is Nyankees volume 1 by Atsushi Okada.

I do not know how to describe this book. Street cats that also turn into humans sometimes?? I guess that’s the best way to describe it?? Anyway… this wasn’t a bad first volume by any means. I just don’t think I’m invested in the story enough to continue reading this series. It’s pretty straight forward. Loner street cat is looking for a male calico cat (pretty rare – calicos are normally female) with a scar over his eye to get revenge for something. He encounters other street cars because he’s on their turf. Cat fighting ensues. Honestly, that’s pretty much it for the first volume. I was kind of bored. Maybe I’ll give volume two a try to see if it picks up but I’m not running out to the store to get this one.

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Im: Great Priest Imhotep, Vol. 1

Lastly we have, Im: Great Priest Imhotep, volume 1 by Makoto Morishita.

This manga was great. I haven’t seen to many manga that involve ancient Egypt of Egyptian gods (if you know any let me know!!) so I was really excited to read this one. It did not disappoint either! Here is the description from Goodreads: From the sands of ancient Egypt to the streets of modern Japan, the newly resurrected Great Priest Imhotep traverses time and space on the hunt for the Magai, devious beings with an appetite for destruction who impersonate the gods! When schoolgirl Hinome crosses paths with this illustrious ancient, is her loner lifestyle about to change for the better…or the worse?!

I really enjoyed this manga! Like I said, I’ve never read a manga (that I can remember…) that has anything to do with Egypt. I’m curious where the series will go. I will definitely be picking up the next volume of this. I’m invested now and I need to know what happens!

And that’s it for this week! Hope you guys had a fun week. The weather is really nice down here so I actually spent some time outside! Granted it was pulling weeds, but I still got outside for a few hours. I think that’s really important especially when my job is 99% inside. How is the time change treating you guys? It really kicked by ass for a few days but I think I’ve finally adjusted. I also got a little bit sunburned while I was outside. The price I pay for pullings weeds. I think it’s a sign that I shouldn’t pull weeds anymore ๐Ÿ˜€


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