Weekly Round Up! #38

Another week has gone by and all I read was manga (again). I hope you guys had a nice week though. I had a really bad migraine last week which was really not fun. I did watch one of my favorite movies on Wednesday with my two friends – a Knight’s Tale! Have you seen it before? It’s such a fun movie. And we had ice cream! It was a nice relaxing night after a pretty stressful work week. But anyway, onto the manga!

First up we have one of my favorite manga, Blue Flag by KAITO. This week I read volumes 3 and 4 (I think I’m going to order the rest of the series because I can’t wait for the library to get it. I NEED TO KNOW.). There were a lot of ~feelings~ in volume 3. No spoilers here but man these two volumes will really tug at your heart strings. I liked the way the characters talk about love and friendship and relationships. We really see them start to try and figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives. I hope they get some peace at some point because they go through to much (especially volume 3). I love these children and I can’t wait to see how they grow and change by the end of this series.

Blue Flag

Next up we have volumes 3 & 4 of the manga Perfect World by Rie Aruga. Please someone tell me why I keep reading sad manga. This series is another one that will rip your heart right out of your chest and have no remorse. But honestly, the way that this book handles disability is pretty spot on. Having lived with my mom after her stroke and currently living with my MIL, who uses a walker, the way they depicted living with someone and taking care of them is very realistic. Of course the situations are a little bit different but I felt like they did a great job representing how hard it can be on people with disabilities and their caretakers.

Perfect World

The next manga is a fun one, Skull-Faced Bookseller Honda-san, volume 3 by Honda. This series is about the author’s time as a bookseller at a Japanese bookstore. This volumes delves into book buying, how to handle new releases, and returning books. If you’ve ever worked in retail you will relate to this whole series. I’ve enjoyed reading about the industry of bookselling. The behind the scene’s look at how bookstores order your favorite books and how they promote them was interesting.

49988100. sx318 sy475

And we’re back to a yuri manga. This series is called A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow by Makoto Hagino. This series is about Konatsu Amano, who has to move to a small seaside village when her dad gets a new job. She has to start a new school and try to make some friends. Almost immediately, she is draw to the only member of the Aquarium Club, Koyuki. She ends up joining the Aquarium Club and becoming friends with Koyuki. After that they hang out and get to know each other and ~feelings~ start to develop.

This is such a cute series. It is super slow burn though, which I don’t mind. I love the characters. They’re so sweet and cute with each other. The background scenery is amazing as well. The whole manga is really well done. This is one of my favorite yuri manga that I read. I would highly recommend it!

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow

Lastly, we have How Do We Relationship? volume 2 by Tamifull. This is a newer manga (to me at least lol) and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. This centers around a couple of college kids, specifically two ladies that are friends. One day they are talking about dating and it comes up that they both like women so they decide to date. Not much fanfare or anything, they’re pretty much like were the only ones around might as well date right? After reading volume one I was still kind of eh on one of the main characters but I was like might as well read volume two since it’s here. Now after reading both volumes I’m still kind of eh. The story just doesn’t really grab me? I’m not really sure why though. This is a different kind of yuri than I usually read. The characters are older, they can drink, they talk about sex way more and also have a lot more sex. I think what seems to be bothering me the most is just that the two MCs don’t seem to have any chemistry to me. They were just like you like women?? Me to! And then they dated. Hopefully volume three will be better but I’m honestly not sure if I’ll follow up with this series.

How do We Relationship?

That’s it for this week! I predicted next week will probably be the same with more manga and nothing else. Hope you guys have a nice week! And leave me a comment with your favorite manga, I’m always looking for suggestions!

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