Current reads!

I’ve been a little under the weather the last few days so I’ve been mostly just staying home and reading (as if that’s any different than what I usually do). But I’ve been beta reading a book for one of my favorite authors which I’m super excited about and I’ve been really loving so far! I will post an official review of it once it’s released but I think you guys will love it. I also read a new to me comic called Giant Days by John Allison. I’ve read volumes one and two so far and I’m liking it. The comic is about Ester, Susan, and Daisy who have become fast friends the first few weeks of university and the adventures that they get up to. It leans more towards a slice of life type of comic (which are my fav!) than anything superhero-y which I’m fine with, I’m getting a little burnt out on superheros lately (as I’m reading Green Lantern haha). I’m really loving this series so far and I’ll definitely be checking out the next few volumes that we have here at the library.


I’m currently reading a non-fiction book called The Burn Journals by Brett Runyon and an ARC called Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams. I’m really enjoying both of them as I’m reading them. I’m almost halfway through with The Burn Journal and it’s not really one of those books that I feel like I can say that I love because of the subject matter (TW suicide). The book is about fourteen year old Brett Runyon who tries to commit suicide by lighting himself on fire one day after school. He ends up with third degree burns over 85% of his body. The book covers his suicide attempt and the year afterward during his recovery. I will not lie, this book at certain sections is hard to read. Especially the parts where he is talking about the burns and having them cleaned and such (I’m not going to go into to much detail as to not freak anyone out). I’ll let you guys know my complete thoughts once I finish the book – hopefully in the next week or so. It is a slow read just because of the subject matter like I said.

The other book that I’m currently reading is Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams, which releases today! I got this as an ARC from the library where I work but I’m not obligated to read it or review it. This book is about 25 year old Queenie Jenkins who is a Jamaican-British woman living in London and working for a national newspaper. After a nasty breakup she seeks solace in all the wrong places. I really love the cadence of the book. It’s very easy to read and is making the book go by at a nice pace. I’m not very far into this book yet so I can’t really give much of a review but I have a really great first impression so far. I’ll update you guys once I finish this one too.


What are you reading lately? Is there anything that’s coming out soon that you are looking forward to? Let me know in the comments down below! I’m always looking for new reads. Also, come say hi on Twitter too!


2 thoughts on “Current reads!

  1. I have two books from bloggers I am reading at the moment. One is my by bed side table – it is Laleh Chini’s book “Climbing Over Grit” – the story of her mother. And the other I have with me in my work bag for when I am travelling or if I have time to read at coffee break – is from Martin Strike “Proposterous Tales From The Newbury Short Story Teller”.

    I have been trying to buy books from bloggers I follow – my little way of supporting them – I try to show my friends what I am reading and tell them about their blogs.


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