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I have a bunch of books checked out from the library so I am really trying to catch up on reading them all. The first one that I’ve been working on is Funny Girl by a bunch of awesome ladies. It has personal letters, comics, essays, and poetry from over 30 ladies. I’m only a few stories into the book but I’m really loving it so far! I’m excited to read all about these ladies. I’ll give you guys another update once I finish the book.

Currently Reading 2-11-19 007

The last two books I was reading I finished on my day off. I got to have a nice peaceful day of reading and taking pictures of books! They are Special Exits by Joyce Farmer and Age of Bronze: Sacrifice by Eric Shanower. Special Exits is about a family that is going through a lot of things. Mostly the fact that the parents of family are getting older and will be dying soon. This book deals a lot with death and preparing for the death of a family member, especially a parent. It was a hard book to read since it made me think of what will happen when my parents get to be older. It was a fantastic book even though the subject matter was harder to deal with.

Age of Bronze: Sacrifice is the second volume in the Age of Bronze series. I read the first volume after I saw the author, Eric Shanower, speak at the Key West Literary Seminar a few weeks ago. I loved volume one and it ended at such a climactic place that I NEEDED to read volume two as soon as possible! But we didn’t have it anywhere in the Keys so we had to do an Inter-Library Loan (ILL) and we got it from up in north Florida. With an ILL you can only have it for two weeks and there are no renewals so I was trying to read it quickly so I could get it back to the library in time. But I had no problem with reading it quickly because this volume was just as good as the first one! I’m really hoping that there will be more volumes eventually so that I can finally see the conclusion of the Trojan War!

Currently Reading 2-11-19 013

That’s what I’ve been reading the last week or so! How’re you guys doing? Are you reading anything that you are loving? I’d love to hear your suggestions and thoughts! Feel free to leave a comment below or come say hi on Twitter!


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