Book Apps

I have a huge folder on my phone of book apps. I have a total of 18 apps that I’ve downloaded. Now granted, I don’t use every single one of these apps on a daily basis. The ones that I use the most are Goodreads, Litsy, Kindle, Libby, & WordPress apps. I use Goodreads multiple times a day to update my currently reading list and TBR. It keeps me organized and it’s mostly a place where I keep track of what I have and haven’t read. Litsy is a great app. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s like Instagram but for book lovers. I’ve included a picture of my feed and one of all my stats. If you have Litsy too feel free to add me as a friend!

I like this app because you can really connect to fellow readers very easily. Also everyone is super friendly and it’s very easy to make friends. These are the kind of book friends that if you post while you’re in the hospital (did that when I was having my appendix removed!) that you are freaking out they will check on you and keep you distracted. I also really like the fact that it keeps track of the number of pages that you read. This is still a relatively newer app so it doesn’t have every single book on it. But if you come across something that is not in their system you can easily request it to be added.


I think most of us know how to use the Kindle app for iPhone so I don’t really need to explain that one. The other one that I like to use is the Libby app which is an app that public libraries use for patrons to download e-books and audio books. I generally use it for e-books as I’m not a fan of audio books (no attention span!). For my library I can borrow e-books for 7 days or 14 days. I usually go with 14 days because for some reason I read e-books a lot slower than traditional books. Probably that attention span again. This is a great app and it’s pretty easy to use too. You just download it and then log in using your library card. That’s pretty much it!

I sometimes use the iBooks app that came with my phone too. I don’t use it to often but I do like the app interface. What about you guys? What apps do you use on your phone for your book keeping needs? Does your library have an app for e-books and audio books? I’m curious to hear from you all! Let me know by leaving a comment below or let me know on Twitter!


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