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A few posts ago I told you guys about two ARCs that I was reading, Art Boss by Kayla Cagan and Mammoth by Jill Baguchinsky. Well I have finished both of them! Art Boss was the first one that I finished so I will be discussing that one first. Art Boss is all about Piper Parish trying to make it in the art world in NYC while working and getting ready to go to school. I was on the fence at first about this book but now that I have had some time to sit with it after I’ve finished it I did really end up liking it. My favorite thing about the book was actually Piper’s constant money struggles. She was working multiple jobs all while trying to figure out how she was going to pay to go to school. The book included her going to the school’s financial aid department and filling out paperwork and then having the agonizing wait to find out if she got anything.  This felt very realistic to me! Anytime I read a book about going to college the author usually does not include how the person got to school or is paying for school or how stressed they are about it. I really liked that Cagan did not shy away from that subject throughout the book. The MC, Piper, had her flaws but seemed to grow throughout the book and did not stay a one-dimensional character. I loved the fact that she made mistakes and was able to deal with them and learn from them as well.

The second book that I was sent was Mammoth by Jill Baguchinsky. This book was all about paleontology nerd Natalie Page and her summer internship at a mammoth dig site. This was another book that I really liked for it’s realisticness. I loved the that MC, Natalie, was a larger lady and that did not hinder her in any way. But I did like how the author gave us an inside look into how Natalie dealt with that on a day to day basis and still stayed her fabulous self. This book had themes of figuring out your self worth, making mistakes and owning up to them, fashion, and of course, dinosaurs! I really loved this book and I would highly recommend it to anyone, but especially if you are a dino nerd like me!

I would give both of these books a five out of five stars. Art Boss has really made me want to go back and read the first book about Piper and see what that one is about. Until next time, happy reading everyone!

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