Monthly Recap: October


Sadly, the spooky season is over 😦 Halloween is my favorite time of the year but unfortunately this spooky season I wasn’t able to participate much. In the last month I have switched jobs and at one point I had two jobs AND was doing online book reviews. It was a hectic month, to say the least! I’m very excited to announce that my new job is at the library! I am a library assistant which means mostly I help people check out books or find a book that they are looking for. I’ve been at my new job for about two weeks now and I am loving it! What book lover wouldn’t want to get paid to hang out in the library all day and talk to people about books! I’m never leaving. This month I read quite a wide variety of books. I read a bunch of graphic novels (we got a whole bunch of new ones in at the library this month), comics and manga as usual. But I also read some juvenile fiction as well. I really liked the juvenile fiction that I was able to read this month. It was nice to branch out into a genre that I generally don’t read.

Now onto the main attraction, the books! First up will be the Best books of last month.

  • The Witch Boy by Molly Ostertag
    • This book is about Aster. In his family, the girls learn magic and the boys learn to shapeshift. But Aster doesn’t want to learn how to shapeshift, he wants to learn how to do magic like the girls. He spies on the girls’ classes and tries to pick up things as well as he can on his own. When there is a threat to the young boys Aster knows that using what he has learned he can save them. If only the adults would let him! This book was a great read and really had some wonderful things to say about gender roles and what boys and girls can and cannot do. I would highly recommend this one to anyone but especially young children or parents or young children.
  • Taproot by Keezy Young
    • This graphic novel is about Hamal and Blue. Blue is in love with Hamal but there is a barrier to their love. Blue is dead. Good thing for the both of them, Hamal can see ghosts! Hamal spends his days working at a nursery, keeping the plants alive and selling them to the patrons that come in. There are a bevy of ghost kids that hang around the nursery and talk to Hamal. Blue finds out that Hamal has been accidentally using his powers incorrectly. By using his powers to keep the plants alive he has inadvertently been performing necromancy. Because of this, an evil entity wants Hamal to pay for his acts. However, they strike up a bargain to have Hamal use his powers in a different way in order to make up for the accidental necromancy that he performed. I think that this book is a great read for many reasons. The artwork is super cute, there are two gay MCs who are both people of color, and the book has a great lesson about learning from your mistakes and being willing to clean up after yourself if you accidentally mess up.
  • Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes: A no-Bullshit Guide to World Mythology by Cory O’Brien and Sarah Melville (Illustrations)
    • This was my one non-fiction book for this month and I loved it. I really love Greek and Roman mythology already so this was a great book to get to know other myths from around the world. I particularly liked the Norse and Egyptian myths. If you like mythology I would recommend giving this book a shot.

This is where I would usually put my Worst books of the month of October but I didn’t have any last month. The books that I read in October were for the most part really good. That’s it for the October monthly round up! Happy reading and I will see you all in the next post!

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