Weekly Round-Up! #46

Hello everybody! I hope you guys had a good week! It rained a lot where I live which gave me a couple of days of bad sinus headaches so that wasn’t to fun. But I did get quite a bit of reading in which I enjoyed. I’m currently caught up on BL Metamorphosis which I’m sad about but I did order more manga yesterday and I have a ARC of a graphic novel called Barb: The Last Berzerker that looks really cute. Now I’m going to stop talking about my week and talk about books!

BL Metamorphosis volumes 2-4

And we’re back to BL Metamorphosis! Last week I read volumes 2, 3, & 4. I cannot express how much I love these two characters, they are so great together! I love that Urara is so patient with Ichinoi and willing to show her the BL ropes. Their friendship gets deeper in these three volumes and it was such a joy to watch it happen. (Slight spoilers from here out) Ichinoi really encourages Urara to draw and write a manga to sell at the next doujinshi Even when Urara wants to give up and not do it, she thinks of how disapointed Ichinoi would be in her – although I don’t think she would be to disapointed. I also loved the part where Urara has to fix a cabinet for Ichinoi and her daughter – it was so cute and wholesome. I can’t wait for volume 5 to come out in English!

Ghostly Things volume 1

Next up we have volume 1 of Ghostly Things by Ushio Shirotori. This series reminds me a lot of Demon Prince of Momochi House – which I loved – so it’s no surprise that I really enjoyed volume 1 of this manga. Here’s the description from Goodreads: With her father off overseas, Yachiho is left to move into a new house all by herself…and it’s a genuine haunted mansion, full of ghosts and spirits! But Yachiho is determined to tough it out. To learn her family’s secrets, can she brave all that lurks in the dark of night?

Because this was volume 1 and was setting up the story, I feel like we didn’t get a lot of time to really get to know Yachiho or see much of her personality. I’m hoping that we’ll get more of her in the next few volumes. Over all I did really enjoy this. We get to see a lot of different yokai which was very interesting. I really liked the crossroads aspect of the book too. Moro the Guardian was a cute character and I enjoyed how he talked to some of the spirits. He was gentle with them even though they really needed to move on into the sprit world. I’m looking forward to getting to know all the yokai in the upcoming volumes.

The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions volume 1

Next we have The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions volume 1 by Marimo Ragawa. You’d think from the cover of this that it’s a cutesy vampire romance manga – which I’m assuming it will be after a few volumes. I’m thinking this is going to be a slow burn friends to lovers manga? I guess I’ll have to wait and find out! I will definitely be picking up the next few volumes.

(Spoilers for volume 1) We follow Albert Irving, who is a vampire living in the US. He lives on the streets near a meat packing plant where he gets his fill of beef blood. One day he stays to long in the plant and gets frozen. He wakes up in a different plant where he turnas back into a human and is running around naked. Because of this, he ends up getting arrested. He then learns that he’s in Japan! Al can’t speak Japanese and trying to communicate with the cops is not working. Luckily he just has to wait until he turns into a bat and then he can escape! But one of the detectives – Nukariya – catches him in a paper bag. He takes Al the bat to one of his friends, Akira, who apparently loves bat. He does not love Al, who he finds in his living room once he turns back into a humna. This gets Al arrested AGAIN. The same thing happens. Al tries to convince Akira and Nukariya that he’s really a vampire so he makes them watch him transform. They see that he is indeed, a vampire. Although not a very good one. Akira agrees to let him stay at his apartment for two weeks to learn some Japanese and try to get a job. That’s pretty much where volume 1 leaves off.

36600329. sx318
Sorry for My Familiar volume 1

More manga (like we are surprised by this)! I really enjoyed this next one – Sorry for My Familiar volume 1 by Tekka Yagurbaga. Patty is a demon. Demon’s are supposed to have animal familiars. But Patty is having a rough time getting a familiar until she meets Norman Volcanello – who is a human. Norman is ecstatic to be Patty’s familiar – he has an obsession with demons and anything to do with them. As he and Patty travel to find her dad, Norman gets into all sorts of tight spots. He just wants to research and sketch all the amzing things in the demon world.

I loved the first volume of this series. Norman is hands down my favorite character – he’s so eager all the time he reminds me of an excitable puppy. He just wants to learn about the demon world. The friendship that he and Patty have is great – she’s exasperated by him constantly running off to do research and he’s just like “Oh my god Patty look at this bug!”. They’re fantastic together and I can’t wait to read more volumes!

53327012. sy475
Nubia: Real One

One of the last books that I read this week was Nubia: Real One by L.L. McKinney. I cannot do justice to describing this book so I’m just gonna let you guys read the description from Goodreads!

Nubia has always been a little bit…different. As a baby she showcased Amazonian-like strength by pushing over a tree to rescue her neighbor’s cat. But, despite having similar abilities, the world has no problem telling her that she’s no Wonder Woman. And even if she was, they wouldn’t want her. Every time she comes to the rescue, she’s reminded of how people see her; as a threat. Her Moms do their best to keep her safe, but Nubia can’t deny the fire within her, even if she’s a little awkward about it sometimes. Even if it means people assume the worst.

When Nubia’s best friend, Quisha, is threatened by a boy who thinks he owns the town, Nubia will risk it all—her safety, her home, and her crush on that cute kid in English class—to become the hero society tells her she isn’t.

This was such a fantastic read! I really enjoyed reading this graphic novel. The artwork was fantastic but I really enjoyed the story. I’m hoping that there will be more volumes to come!

And that is it for this week! I hope you all had a great week. I had a few headaches this week, which sucks but I think it was due to all the storms we had. My head does not do good with pressure. We also have another new person starting at work! So that’s really great. But I hope that you all had a great week and I will talk to you guys next week!


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