Weekly Round-Up! #45

This week was (thankfully) a pretty slow one. We’ve got new people starting at work so it’s making work a lot better. I’m also starting a new D&D type game but we’re all Pokemon Trainers! I’m so excited! My trainer is a mentor/sage and I think my starter will be Salandit (a salamander Pokemon). Do you guys like D&D or Pokemon? I’ve been playing my current D&D game for over a year now and it’s lot of fun. I’m a half-elf Paladin named Alora. I’d love to hear from you guys if you play D&D! Now onto the books!

Oh My Gods!

One of the books that I read last week was Oh My Gods! by Stephenie Cooke, Insha Fitzpatrick and Juliana Moon. This graphic novel is about Karen, a thirteen year old girl who is starting at a new school – in Mt. Olympus! After her mom gets a new job, Karen has to go live with her dad in Greece. She starts a new school and everyone there seems to be very different from her and her old life. After a few days her new friends finally convince her that monsters and gods are real! This news shock Karen, who then realizes that her father is Zeus and that means she has some kind of powers right?! While Karen is coming to terms with her parentage, she and her friends solve a mystery of who is turning the townspeople into stone.

This graphic novel was really cute. If you know anything about Greek mythology then the mystery of the book isn’t really a mystery though. That being said, I think this would be great for a kid that is just starting to learn about Greek mythology. I thought that the artwork was cute and the story was good – but if you’re an adult reading this it’s going to be obvious. But this book isn’t made for adults though so I think that this book is getting some bad reviews by adults because they think it’s to obvious. This is geared towards kids! If you take into consideration who this book is meant for, I think that it was a great read and one I will be recommending.

The Maze Runner

The next book that I finished this week is The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I have had this book on my TBR list for YEARS. I have no idea why it took me so long to read it. I think I got burnt out on dystopian books so I put it to the side. But I’m so glad that I finished it! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series! (I have book two and I’m hoping to get it read this week!)

When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his name. He’s surrounded by strangers—boys whose memories are also gone. Outside the towering stone walls that surround the Glade is a limitless, ever-changing maze. It’s the only way out—and no one’s ever made it through alive. Then a girl arrives. The first girl ever. And the message she delivers is terrifying. Remember. Survive. Run.

I loved this book. My favorite part was how we just got thrown into it just like Thomas. He was such a great unreliable narrator – if he didn’t know about something then we didn’t know about it either. And with how his memories were, we didn’t know anything in the beginning. I really enjoyed that aspect of the book. The pacing of the book was fantastic too. It was just breakneck speed as soon as you read the first word. It started and didn’t let up for the entirety of the book. It kept my attention really well because as soon as one crisis would be over the next one was on the horizon, waiting to try and kill the Gladers (again). I’m not gonna lie, as I get older I find that I don’t have the patience for books that take forever to get going. Just throw me in head first.

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A Gift for a Ghost

The next book is a graphic novel called A Gift for a Ghost by Borja Gonzalez. I’m just gonna say it – this book was pretty boring. It felt like nothing happened. At the end I was just like, “Is that it??”.

Here’s the description from Goodreads: In Borja González’s stunning graphic novel, two parallel stories reflect and intertwine in a tale of youthful dreams and desires. In 1856, Teresa, a young aristocrat, is more interested in writing avantgarde horror poetry than making a suitable marriage. In 2016, three teenage girls, Gloria, Laura, and Cristina, want to start a punk band called the Black Holes. They have everything they need: attitude, looks, instinct . . . and an alarming lack of musical talent. They’ve barely started rehearsing when strange things begin to happen. As their world and Teresa’s intersect, they’re haunted by the echo of something that happened 160 years ago.

While I understand what this graphic novel was trying to do I don’t think it got there. Maybe if it had been a little longer and we had gotten to explore the characters more. The artwork was very simple but I loved it. None of the characters had any facial features and yet he was still able to make the characters expressive. The artwork was really the only thing that I enjoyed about this graphic novel. It was a quick read though if you’d like to pick it up and give it a go.

Dick Fight Island vol. 1

The next book was one that I showed to my friend as like a haha look at this crazy book and then she preordered it. Dick Fight Island by Reibun Ike was a rollercoaster. First off – there are a lot of explicit scenes in this book. The name seems like it would be obvious but just in case – there are a lot of dicks in this book. Honestly, this book was hilarious. I loved every second of it even though it didn’t make much sense – but what are you expecting with a title like Dick Fight Island?

BL Metamorphosis volume 1

One of the last books that I read last week was BL Metamorphosis volume 1 by Kaori Tsurutani. I love slice-of-life manga and for me, this is the ultimate series. It has such a mellow and peaceful feel to it. I’ve already purchased the next three volumes and I’m eagerly waiting for volume five to come out in English.

This manga series is about a 75 year old woman who goes to a cafe and finds that it’s closed. But there is a bookstore nearby and she decides to go in and browse for a little while. She looks at the cookbooks and ends up buying a few books. She unwittingly buys a Boy’s Love manga and really enjoys it. So she goes back to the bookstore to get the next volume but it’s not there. The cashier, Urara, orders it for her and thus their friendship begins!

That’s it for this week! I hope you all had a fantastic week and got to read a lot. This upcoming week for me should be pretty slow so I can read even more than usual! I have a stack of new manga that I’m hoping to dive into as soon as I can. Talk to you guys next week!


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