Megacon 2019!


Last weekend was my annual trip to Megacon in Orlando. This is the third year in a row that I’ve gone and I always have a ton of fun. I get to see people that I usually only get to see once a year. Every year I go with my bff, Britt and we usually cosplay too. At least one of the days that we go (usually Saturday) we cosplay characters from an anime called Yuri on Ice. And the on day two (Sunday) we’ll do something else. This year my day two outfit was Pikachu! I have a few pictures of some of the awesome cosplays that we saw while we were there.

I also got some really amazing pins from Artist Alley

And of course I got some books while I was there! I got five graphic novels and two free comics that were leftover from free comic book day.

I also got a really cute little dragon friend and some adorable pens too. I also saw my friend Kaitlyn at Artist Alley and got some stickers and a awesome new bookmark from her!

That is it for my fun weekend at Megacon! Sorry for the delay in getting this up, my fiance and I had something come up while I was at Megacon so today is my first full day at home in almost 2 weeks! But anyway how have you guys been? What are you reading now? Are you doing anything fun for this long weekend? I would love to hear from you all!

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3 thoughts on “Megacon 2019!

  1. It was so fun this year! I wish it was every month. And no not just we finally get to hang out. BTW I’m reading Blood of Stone by Jayne Faith. Its book one and was FREE!

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