Diverse Donations!

It’s that time again for some strange donations to the library! Today we have got a very wide variety of donations for your viewing pleasure.

  •  A pretty sketchbook with a red flower on the front (which I liberated from being tossed out) is the first thing on the list.
  • A book on Human Forgiveness that was first published in 1985 (definitely not new enough to be added to the library’s collection)
  • A Hershey’s cookbook that had some amazing sounding recipes in it.
  • The smallest book that I have ever seen; my hand for scale.
  • Can’t believe that they published a Volume 2 of the Redneck Dictionary.
  • Someone donated a TON of books on tape a few days ago. We do not have books on tape anymore so those did not make the cut to be added to the library’s collection either.
  • The Men Who Hate Women book just reminded me of the song Love Hurts every time that I looked at it.
  • I just need to vent for a moment about the Curves member guide. THIS IS NOT A BOOK! IT’S OLD AND OUT OF DATE! DO NOT DONATE THINGS LIKE THIS, THEY GO IN THE TRASH, NOT TO THE LIBRARY!!!! Ok I’m done now.
  • I’m not going to lie, the 911 Beauty Secrets book was great but unfortunately, way out of date and to old to add.
  • I can’t tell if the Yoga for Fat guys book was a joke or not…
  • And below us we have Instant Zen, a book with a bunch of sayings from zen masters, philosophers, and teachers (according to the description on goodreads).
I too have instant zen when I read a book

This concludes our fun outing into the world of library donations. Stay tuned for our next episode where we find even more treasures! Come say hi on Twitter!


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