Bookmarks vs. dog-earring

How do you feel about book marks? Are you a fan or do you dog ear the corners of your books? When I was a child I would dog ear alllllll of my books. Now I only dog ear old paperbacks. I love a good bookmark! I have a pretty good sized collection of all shapes and sizes. I’ve included some pictures of my favorite ones below. I have a really awesome faux leather Pikachu bookmark that I got at Megacon last year; it is one of my favorites! The orange dinosaur one is actually a participation ribbon that I found at a local craft store a few years ago. I also have one in purple with a stegosaurus on it. They both get used quite often. The one with the giant black dog on it I actually found at work in a book that was donated to the library! We find all sorts of stuff in books (mostly trash or bookmarks) and if it’s a cool bookmark then I usually keep it. I’ve ended up with some really interesting ones from different states.


These are two of my favorite book pun bookmarks. The owl bookmark was a gift from one of my friends and the wild about reading one was another bookmark that I found in a donated book!


These are a class of bookmarks that I don’t really use that much. They are mostly magnetic closure bookmarks that clamp onto a page of a book. I’m sure you all know how they work since you’re reading a post on a book blob about bookmarks 🙂

I generally don’t really like these type of bookmarks. I’m not really sure why though?? The little Charmander and Ryuk (the dude with the apple) and some more bookmarks that I got from Megacon (I think last year? But don’t quote me on that). I love the cat one from the Hemingway House. It’s actually metal! I think some kind of aluminum maybe? It’s really lightweight. But I don’t actually use the notch on the bookmark, I just throw it in my book and go!


What about you guys? Do you have a favorite bookmark or do you just use whatever is handy? (I have definitely used a receipt or a straw paper) I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments! Or come let me know on Twitter what you use! I hope you all are having a great week!


One thought on “Bookmarks vs. dog-earring

  1. I definitely use bookmarks and always have! It’s so funny to hear that you don’t get on with the magnetic ones because they are the ONLY ones I use these days (I had too many bad experiences as a kid reading big fantasy books and the bookmark falling out in my backpack so I had to resort to extra measures. 😉 )

    Love your Pokemon one!


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