New Books & Literary Seminars

Today at the library we got some new books! Are there any new books that you are looking forward to reading? I know I’m really looking forward to reading The Bride Test by Helen Hoang but it doesn’t come out until May (ughhhh). A lot of the books that we got in today were local books about Key West (mostly ghost stories because this place is super haunted!). If you guys ever want to read the creepiest story that took place in Key West, I would recommend The Lost Diary of Count Von Cosel by Count Carl Von Cosel. Be warned though, it is VERY disturbing.

Also this week in Key West is our literary seminar! Because I work at the library I get to go to one of the sessions and I have chosen to go to the Friday afternoon session which is called, “Giving Young Women a Voice: Fairy Tales in the Modern Age.”. The speakers will be Meg Cabot and Naomi Novik. We’ll also be listening to a talk by Madeline Miller called, “Writing Back to Homer”. Afterwords there will be a book signing for Meg Cabot that we are going to try and go to. I’m really excited to get to go! I’ve never been to a literary seminar before so this will definitely be a new experience for me. Have any of you ever been to a literary seminar? I will definitely be taking notes so that I can report back to you all next week about it.

I hope you all are having a great 2019 so far! Leave a comment or come say hi on Twitter!


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