To Many Books, Not Enough Time

I have a bad habit of checking out way too many books from the library than I can read. I currently have about 30 books checked out and there’s no way I will be able to read them all before they are due back. Do you guys ever do this? I find that I do this all the time! I generally try and get shorter books like manga or comic books so that I can at least attempt to read some of them before I need to return them!

I also have a habit of downloading what feels like a gazillion e-books. I have a wonderful website that I love called Book Bub that sends me an email every day with deals on e-books. Some of them are free but mostly they are just discounted for that day. This leads to a downloading spree. I feel like I need to stock up my Kindle with a ton of e-books in case I need to travel suddenly and can’t take any physical books with me. I have no idea why I have this compulsion. But at least the e-books don’t take up a ton of room like my physical books do!

What about you guys? Do you tend to hoard e-books or no?

I find that I don’t really do this with physical books. As soon as I finish a book it goes into one of three piles:

  1. Donate to the local library. This is what I try to do with most of my books. As long as they are in pretty good condition my library will take them in and make them library books. It’s really cool to go to the library and see one of your old books on the shelves.
  2. Donate to the thrift store. This is where my ratty books that cannot go to the library end up. I have a local thrift store where I live that I like to drop off things off at. I also usually end up going in and buying some books since they are only fifty cents.
  3. Give to mom. If I read anything that I think my mom will like I will stick it in a box and mail it to her. I also give books to my boyfriend’s mom since she likes to read books as well. If one of my friends likes the book I’ll mail it to them too.

What about you guys? How do you get rid of books that you don’t want to keep? I would love to hear from you guys! Connect with me on Twitter at @jillpill90 or on Goodreads at


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