Weekly Round Up! # 36

This week was a rough one at work but I was able to read a few books still. I hope that you guys had a good week though! Are you going back to school yet? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Now onto the books!

The Battle of the Labyrinth

The first book that I finished last week was The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan. I just finished this up yesterday and I really enjoyed it! This book was about Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson going in to the Labyrinth to look for Daedalus so that he can help them with their quest. Krono’s army is still trying to find a way to invade Camp Half-Blood and they’ve found out how to do just that via the Labyrinth. Will Percy and his friends be able to stop Krono’s army from invading? Or will they overrun Camp Half-Blood?

I’m so sad that I’m moving onto the last book in the series 😦 but I’m also excited to see how everything gets wrapped up! After I finish this series I’m going to try out the Heroes of Olympus series also by Rick Riordan. Hopefully, it’ll be just as good as this one!

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When You Look Up

This next book is a graphic novel called When You Look Up by Decur. This book focuses on a young boy named Lorenzo, who moves into a house in the middle of nowhere. In his new room is a large roll-top desk that takes up a lot of room. At first he’s not to happy about the desk but after exploring it, he finds an old notebook. He looks through the notebook and enjoys the stories that he finds within it’s pages. It seems to him that the book has come alive!

This was such a fantastic graphic novel. I honestly picked it up thinking it was kind of strange and I ended up loving it. This book is a bit bigger than your average graphic novel BUT I think that it really lends itself to this book and makes it way more interesting. The visuals look much more satisfying on a larger page. It really showcases the wonderment and imagination that kids can have when they find the right book for them. I really feel like that anyone could enjoy this graphic novel though.

Our Dreams at Dusk Vol. 4

Next up is a manga, Our Dreams at Dusk volume 4 by Yuhki Kamatani. This was such a great volume. and unfortunately, it’s the last one. We really got a good look into Someone-san’s background and finally found out more about her. We also got to see Saki finally tell her parents about her and girlfriend and that they wanted to get marrieddddddd (they’re so cute!!!!). We also finally got to learn about Tchaiko and his partner – this part was a sad for me but I still enjoyed knowing what happened. Overall, this final volume gave us closure for a lot of the characters but I loved that some of them didn’t know what their sexuality was and they were still confused. It really reflected how life actually works. My favorite part was when one character tells another, “I think not knowing is ok. There’s nothing weird about that.” I just think that a lot of people need to hear that at some point in their lives. It felt like a great way to wrap up the series.

That’s all I wanted to talk about this week! I hope you guys had a great week! Let me know in the comments what you’re reading or if you have any suggestions for me!

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