Weekly Round Up! #35

Happy Easter! I hope you all had a great week and a nice Easter today! I read a few books last week but I’m still having a hard time concentration for long periods of time so I mostly read graphic novels and some manga. How are you guys doing? I hope you’re doing good! Leave me a comment down below of what you’re doing in quarantine. Now onto the books!

Lily the Thief

The first book that I read this week was Lily the Thief by Janna Kukkonen. This graphic novel was so cute! It is all about Lily, who is a young girl trying to make a name for herself in the thieves guild. Which isn’t easy when the Guildmaster of Thieves doesn’t like her or her mentor, Seamus. The Guildmaster only gives Lily small time crimes like pick pocketing and won’t let her prove herself to the Guild. Lily decides to prove herself a different way and ends in a whole mess of trouble involving a evil plot by a earl and long dead kings. Can she foil the plot and save everyone in the process?

The Deep & Dark Blue

Next up we have another graphic novel called The Deep & Dark Blue by Niki Smith. This was such a great graphic novel. This book is about Hawke and Grayson who are in line to inherit the throne of Sunderlay (eventually). On the night that their older brother, Reyden, is to be named the next ruler of Sunderlay, there is a coup. The twins flee while their brother holds off their cousin Mirelle and her lackeys. The twins end up disguising themselves as girls, Hanna and Grayce, and joining the Communion of Blue, a order of magical women who weave and spin the threads of reality. Can the twins get back the throne? Will Grayce want to go back to being a boy or has she finally found a place where she can truly be herself? You’ll have to read this book and find out!

This was such a good graphic novel! I loved the story and all of the characters. Hawke and Grayce were such good siblings to each other and I loved how strong they were with all the craziness going on in their lives. The ending of this book made me cry (in a happy way) and I absolutely loved it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone of any age. It’s so good!


The next book that I read this week is a YA book called Tilt by Ellen Hopkins. This book is about three teens who are holding tight to the last vestiges of their childhood. Mikayla is sure she’s found the love of her life in Dylan. But by the end of her senior year, things have become increasingly complicated. Shane is out and proud but can he keep his life under control in the face of the ultimate loss? Harley is a good girl with a not so great home life. She wants to have new experiences but doesn’t expect for the outcome to be so horrific.

If you have ever read any of Ellen Hopkins’ other books then you know what you’re in for. But if you haven’t just know that this book will rip your heart out in seven different ways. There are no happy endings and no nice clean wrap up at the end of the book. The book just ends (after 603 pages). For me, these books have always shown what life can be like and how the choices that you make can affect the rest of your life. They always come with a good lesson buried inside them but you will have to read a lot of sad and sometimes enraging stuff to get to it. If you are fan of realistic fiction then I think this book would be a good choice for you.


That is it for this week! I hope you all had a good week and I’m looking forward to talking to you all again soon!


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