Stress and Reading

How does stress affect your reading life? For me when I’m really stressed out I want to read way more than I already do. I don’t want to be in this world where I’m all stressed out. I want to be in this great fantasy world where there are much more pressing matters than if you can pay your car payment on time. Such as slaying dragons! Saving the townsfolk! Eating second breakfast! (Ok that one doesn’t just apply to my fantasy worlds.) Right now I am immensely enjoying going back to a fantasy world that I have visited once before in Angels of Perdition. This is the second book in a series by R.M. Garino that I am reading and reviewing. The first book was called The Gates of Golorath and I read it earlier this year and really loved it. To me it belongs up there with some of the great fantasy novels that you can really just get lost in. The details of the magical system are superb and I’m really loving getting to go back into that world again.

I’ve also been enjoying some graphic novels and comic books this week. I got to read the second volume of Midnighter, which I enjoy much more than the first volume. I always struggle reading the first volume of a new comic book. I don’t like to slog through getting to know the heroes and the villains, I just want to get to the story! The graphic novel that I really loved I read a few days ago and it was called Stitches by David Small. I’ll get into the review in my Weekly Round Up for this week, but this book was a quick read and very disturbing.

I hope you all had a great holiday! Did you get any books or bookish items? Let me know on Twitter!


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