Reading Burnout

How do you deal with reading burnout? I have found myself in the past not wanting to read a thing. There were a few years where I had thought that I lost my love of reading. I really hated the thought of not wanting to read anymore and I was glad when it finally ended. But what do you do? Do you take a break from reading? Try a new medium such as reading on an e-reader instead of a paper book? Or switch to a different genre? I find that changing genre is what helps me most when I get stuck in a book rut. I usually read a lot of YA, graphic novels, and manga (as I’m sure you all can tell by now!). So when I get stuck in a rut of just reading those three things over and over again, I’ll switch to a non-fiction book of poetry or read some short stories to cleanse my reading pallet. I’ve been finding some great non-fiction lately and that has really been helping me keep up with all of my “regular” reading. Currently I have a really interesting sounding non-fiction book checked out from the library called Alex and Me by Irene M. Pepperberg. It’s all about a psychologist that developed a friendship with a grey parrot named Alex. She studied him and in turn learned a lot about parrots and their amazing ability to communicate and understand humans. I haven’t started to read the book yet but I’m very excited about it. It sounds like it will be a very interesting read.

What are you reading this week? Come say hi on Twitter so we can chat about it!


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