Bad Books and Reviewing Them

If you read a book and it’s bad, what do you do? Do you take to social media and write reviews about how horrible the book was? Do you tell all of your friends about this horrible book? Do you read other reviews to make sure it wasn’t just you? That other people hated it as much as you did?

I’ve read very few books in my life that warranted such a strong response. These are the books that I find the easiest to review because it is so easy to rip into something that you hate, isn’t it? You get bad service at a restaurant or the food isn’t good and it is so easy to go on Yelp and rip that restaurant to shreds. I know plenty of people that love to read these types of reviews as well. There is something very cathartic about reading about a horrible experience without having to experience it yourself.

I have a love hate relationship with bad books. Part of me likes to read them and then review them and rip them to shreds. But another part of me doesn’t even want to give them the time or brain space; it feels like a waste when there are so many great books out there to read. But then I also think, if the book really was terrible or had bad things it it, is it my obligation as a reader to post what I thought about it? In this day and age do we have a reader responsibility to warn other possible readers, “Don’t waste you precious reading time on this book!”. Or is it on every reader to decide for themselves regardless of reviews if the book was bad or not? If there is a review ripping apart a book (depending on the book) it sometimes pushes me to want to read it more. Just so I can decide for myself if the book is truly “bad” or not.

How do you handle bad books? Do you hate read or say signora half way through?


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